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cross-cultural awareness

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conscious and sustainable

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Welcome to halloguide

your cultural guide

for a more concious and sustainable tourism

halloguide Mexiko Reiseberatung - Startseite
halloguide Mexiko Reiseberatung - Startseite

Questions about questions – what should be important in any travel planning:

 First of all, I’m convinced that travel planning should be something easy, fun and exciting. I’m sure you feel the same way. 

But Traveling also influences our perception of culture, behavioral norms and values.
Sometimes we encounter issues that make us think a lot and we have to deal with the overwhelming feelings. And sometimes we are overwhelmed with all the impressions and we do not know how to deal with it.

Attention - Be a responsible tourist!

What is respectful interaction with other cultures? Whether you are working in a global environment, living abroad, or just planning your next trip, preparation is key. Be socially responsible to people and the environment. Let's talk about and contact me! As an intercultural trainer, my goal is to raise cultural awareness and prepare individuals for international experiences or to be part of a global team. As a tour guide, I bridge the gap between tourists and their destinations. My work is always a combination of people, culture and a form of tourism. More about me you will find here.

My offer - your value

My services

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offer 1

You are a traveler

Intercultural training 2h

Your invest

59 Euro

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offer 2

Booklet - How to be a responsible tourist

A booklet I created with knowledge and a lot of intercultural information 


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offer 3

You are a company, hospitality institution or a tourist guide

You like to train your team or extend your own knowledge, I have a lot of offers for you:

Price on  request

Not sure if this is for you and what to expect?

No problem; write to me and we’ll schedule a free 30-minute introductory meeting to discuss your concerns.

About me

Hi,  I´m Annette

My passion is learning about diverse people, cultures, and histories; their stories always pique my interest. And I firmly believe that understanding cultures and respectful way of encountering is the key to a better society and a more peaceful world

As a graduate in tourism, a qualified tour guide and a certified intercultural trainer, I have turned my passion(s) into a profession.

I am born in the picturesque Black Forest and a former resident of Stuttgart. My career has taken me through an academic path in Tourism Management (BA) and International Management (M.Sc.), with professional experiences in the hospitality industry and organizing international events.

Additionally, I am a trained city guide with Stuttgart Marketing GmbH and a certified tour guide.

Since 2016, I have been living abroad, initially in Mexico and the USA, and currently in Hungary. During this time, I have remained active as a tour guide and am also a passionate traveler myself.

This combination has allowed me to interact with people from various cultures. I understand what it’s like to arrive in a new country, whether as a long-term or short-term guest.

 Just as often, I am a participant in guided tours myself and am familiar with the challenges from every perspective.

The convergence of all these experiences led me in 2021 to further my education as an Intercultural Trainer. My goal is to promote a deeper understanding and greater sensitivity for intercultural encounters. My motto is: ‚Treat others as you would like to be treated.'“

I tailor my training to my clients‘ needs, focusing on tolerance and the protection of marginalized groups.

Looking forward talking to you,

halloguide Mexiko Reiseberatung - Über mich

Interested? Send me a message using the contact form: